Now, Terra di Resilienza Cooperative is involved in the production of the documentary “La Terra mi Tiene“.

The story is based on three parallel stories, that intertwine, following the cycle of seasons and the life of a grain of wheat, from sowing to harvest in the year of the pandemic, questioning the past, on the present but above all on the future of the earth to be left to their children.

One of the protagonists is Antonio Pellegrino, sociologist, father sower and co-founder of Monte Frumentario – Terra di Resilienza.

We must go back to eating our bread“, say the protagonists of the documentary. And this is perhaps the greatest lesson.

Eating our bread means sowing and cultivating the food we eat. It means protecting the territory, living it and guarding it, recognizing that the human beings are just passing through.

The documentary was made by Sara Manisera and Arianna Pagani, founding members of the collective FADA, for which they have made in-depth reports on the field for numerous national and international newspapers.

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