Turin Clean Up Day - with Torino Social Impact & more

In Green Growth Generation We believe that a new vision of things can be born from even the simplest actions. Preferring a water bottle to a plastic bottle, picking up a dirty paper from the ground, riding a bicycle: small gestures we can make every day to help the Planet. We think a small gesture is even more valuable when shared.

The event

That’s why, on the occasion of World Clean Up Day last September 24, we wanted to involve many beautiful realities to inaugurate together our first Ecological Walk among the parks of Turin. We would once again like to thank.
OffGrid Italia, Esserci s.c.s., BiciTorino, Panacea Torino, Atelier Riforma, Mercato Circolare, City of Turin
for their attentive and valuable contributions.

Childrenə and parents in action to retrieve plastic stuck between tree roots, kidsə teaming up to remove as many butts as possible.

It was wonderful to see several generations united for a common cause: the protection of our environment.

The initiative-which will involve Green Growth together with the partners of Torino Social Impact members of the Community of Practice on the Circular Economywill be relaunched this spring. To find out when, stay updatedə on our socials!

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