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Global Unemployment Rate

🤔How is the unemployment rate related to sustainable development?

“Unemployment declines only when the output growth exceeds the full labor productivity in the economy. Thus, if the steadily increasing GDP growth accelerates a sharp unemployment fall, the growth is progressing towards sustainability”*. *Springer

👉🏽One of the global targets is to “Sustain per capita economic growth in accordance with national circumstances and at least 7% gross domestic product growth per annum in the least developed countries”*. *UN

🔜What actions can help in reaching that target?

🟣Providing youth better opportunities

Building dynamic, sustainable, innovative and people-centred economies

🟣Implementing adequate health and safety measures

  • Creating supportive working environments

18 May

Circular Fashion Economy

The Fashion Industry is one of the most impactful sectors in the Climate Change fight. Responsible of:

🟢8-10% of global CO emissions

🟠20% of water pollution from textile treatment

🟢35% of oceanic primary microplastic pollution.

There is an opportunity though!

Circular Fashion Economy can help the industry to implement a virtuous process composed of 5 steps: rental, resale, repair, repurpose and recycling.

Related to each step, we collected for you some best practises in the fashion field:

🔴Rent the Runway


🔴Nudies Jeans



🕵🏼Did you already know all these brands and how they work?

11 May

Climate Tech Startups

👉🏽Climate Tech is an important part of the fight against climate change and it will become increasingly important in the years to come.

👁️“Mitigation” and “Adaptation” are two words that lead the world’s transition from sustainability to regeneration and climate tech startups have a rare opportunity to solve multiple problems facing mother earth.

Let’s discover some of the most innovative #startups around the #world solving issues related food system, sustainable energy, waste and production system




🔵Produce Pay



Sources @forbes, @causeartist, @talentgarden, @curaze

28 April

Cities of the future

🔜Ready for a new GreenGrowth “Series”: Creativity Pills!

We will drug your brain every week! “Stay hungry, stay foolish!” (serious quote😏)

We have selected 3 ideas for you to expand your horizons and good food for your thoughts: 

🟠Telosa, America

🔵The Line, Saudi Arabia

🟠Woven City, Japan

Sustainable, beautiful and inclusive – futuristic or already there?

20 April

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