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Turin, April 21

The Green Growth Generation event, “Global Challenges, Local Solutions: Turin and the G7 on Climate,” was held on Sunday, April 21 – in Turin. A busy, challenging and rewarding morning within the context of Planet Week.

In conceiving this meeting, we immediately sensed the importance of involving citizens directly, in a dialogue that would not be limited to us, however, but would also embrace the many other realities of the Turin scene. And so it was!

The opening remarks by Federico Tassan-Viol (Senior Diplomacy Analyst at ECCO think tank), gave us a valuable insight into policy making, emphasizing the importance that the upcoming climate negotiations (COP29 and G7 above all) will have in the concrete implementation of the Dubai agreements on moving away from fossil fuels. “It will become increasingly necessary to broaden the negotiating table to include all those developing nations hitherto on the sidelines but no less vulnerable to the effects of climate warming,” Federico stressed.

Greenpeace's 'The Just Cause'

However, it is not only governments and companies that need to act; each of us can help promote widespread change. As narrated by Francesca Cosimetti and Alessio Casanova De Marco, a tangible example is the commitment of Greenpeace: always at the forefront of climate justice, the environmental organization has in fact succeeded in taking an oil giant like ENI to court.

The Just Cause is a civil lawsuit brought against ENI, for damages suffered and future damages resulting from climate change to which the company has significantly contributed,” Francesca explained. The request made to the Court of Rome is that ENI concretely review its industrial strategy, to Reduce emissions by at least 45% by 2030 compared with 2020 levels: “a recent Guardian article states that more than 80 percent of global emissions released into the atmosphere from 2016 to date can be traced to just 57 companies, active in cement production and the oil industry. It is from this figure that we need to start.”.

Each of us has the power to influence the market through our consumption choices, directing demand. One direct strategy to reduce dependence on the multinationals mentioned is to join an energy community. Alessio provided us with a very interesting insight into the topic, specifying how “this approach brings both environmental benefits – because the gap between energy produced and energy consumed (energy dissipated ed.) is almost zero – and, consequently, in terms of economic savings.

Reducing waste with ReLearn

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: the three R’s of sustainability represent the very identity of ReLearn, which has devised a device to monitor and measure the waste produced by businesses and municipalities, thus helping them immediately reduce their environmental footprint.

ReLearn’s CFO, Fabrizio Custorella, told us more about it, “We want to tackle the waste problem at its root: using concrete, measurable data, we aim to educate people so that they can improve their habits, thereby reducing the amount of waste they produce.” Innovation that could be adaptable to a wide range of contexts, from the health branch to the education branch, going beyond the scope of municipal governments and businesses.

L'Affresco del Clima

Is it really possible to learn about ‘climate change’ issues through play? The answer is yes!
L’Affresco del Clima
that Enrico Lucca presented to us is this and much more, an interactive space that engaged all the guests in attendance through quizzes and questions that they could test and compare themselves with.

L’Affresco del Clima starts from a serious, scientific basis: the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Reports, “which are nothing more than a compilation and evaluation of the latest scientific information produced around the world for understanding climate change.”, Henry explained, adding: “questions such as ‘Why is the temperature rising?’ and ‘Which are the most polluting economic sectors?’ might seem trivial, but they actually reflect a widespread level of people’s initial unpreparedness on the subject.”.

In this regard, it is crucial that everyone’s awareness increases.

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For Green Growth, the expression “Global Challenges, Local Solutions” not only emphasizes the importance of taking a flexible, context-focused approach to addressing the environmental crisis. “Global Challenges, Local Solutions” also emphasizes the crucial role of individual action in advancing the climate cause and inspiring a collective demand for system-wide change.

Thanks are due to GreenGrowers Gabriella, Valentina and Alessandro for the whole organization, to all who participated, live and in online connection, and above all, thank you very much to Bagni Pubblici di Via Agliè, for making their beautiful space available to us, and the Karibu Open association for cooking a zero-mile menu for us!

STAY TUNED for our upcoming initiatives! This is just the beginning.


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